Monday, July 21, 2014

Avast there!

To the way back machine once again, this time for something I have only ever painted once so far.  This was part of a batch of Micronauts ships.  Really tiny buggers!

Knowing what I do now, it would have been WAY easier to do.

It would be way easier to glue the pieces together now, and it certainly would be easier to paint.  I have learned so much about glazing ans such... those sails would be a lot easier, and have more depth.

I would also do more to reflect the 'ocean' colors on the sails... like this painting that I did many years ago :-)

I had fun making the water effects, done with sculpey.  I put the nameplate on there so that we could interchange the names of the ships... I couldn't resist having some fun with a crazy name. ;-)

Sailing away!!!  I do look forward to trying more of these in the future!  Stay tuned.

Signing up...

As I moved along with the caboose, I laid out a bit of freehand to match the engine.

This seemed to be a good spot...

Working the outline for the moment, so that I could make sure it was in the right place.

Bringing over the train number as well...

Some shading on the secondary armament also!

The view from above.

Turrets getting some glazing!

More glazing to come, and then rust/weathering!