Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Color Choices

This is a little peek into the filming of one of my Dark Sword Miniatures painting videos.  Aside from painting figures that I love so much, I also try to come up with a theme for each episode.

I wanted to focus on color choices here... more specifically those "go to" color schemes that we all tend to have.  So, when all else fails as far as a specific theme that you want for a given figure, you go to your "default settings".

You can see the reference images in this photo of the actual filming process.  At the start of the video, I discuss some of my usual color schemes that I utilize for mages, cloaks, and so on.

I went with one of my most common color sets, which is a blue cloak with deep red lining, and blonde hair.

As with all my videos, everything begins with the Shaded Basecoat phase, followed by some glazing and lots of work in the all important Mid Tone areas!

I also try to include some discussion on basing, and what goes into your choices for flocking and foliage.  In this case, I had several colors of flower tufts from Green Stuff World.

I do at least 3-5 painting videos of Dark Sword figures each month, and each episode is usually 2 hours long.  If you sign up for the Painting Dark Sword pledge on the Patreon Page, that means you will get 6-10 hours of tutorials, plus all the other videos associated with the $5 pledge.

That means the $10 pledge translates to around 12 hours of videos each month.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, each month I paint the same Dark Sword figure twice, using different mediums.  One of the figures is painted in the traditional acrylics, and then I paint the same figure (in the same color scheme) using oil paints!

This particular figure was painted with standard acrylic paints, as you saw in the first image.

The Dark Sword Painting videos are available at the $10 pledge level.  I will send you a link to the YouTube video via the email address that you use for your Patreon account.

Here's a link to the page!