Thursday, September 20, 2018

Of Stone and Sand

Time for another fun base created with the Green Stuff World texture rollers!

There is a bonus piece to this base, and that is one of the nifty resin statue pieces, which is something new from Green Stuff World.  It is a package of various broken statue bits, which now come in Aztec and Celtic ruins too!

Here's a link to the Egyptian pieces:

As usual, I had the Secret Weapon weathering paints and Reaper Liner paints on hand.

Here's a post that reviews how I use the rollers: 

Starting out with the Brown Liner, Engine Grime and Sandy wood, I did a few glazes across the surface, making sure to alter the colors in the brush as much as possible.  These are designed to "interact" with each other, and do a watercolor style wet mix on the surface.

You can see how some parts are more sandy colored, and others more grayish.  This creates an "aged" look without lots of extra work!

I also wiped away some of the excess glaze colors, which revealed the texture a little more.

I did a similar process on the statue piece, using glazes to tint and darken various portions.

I continued to darken the stone around the edges, using very targeted glazes of the Enging Grime and Brown Liner paints.

Once the darkest tones had been established, I could go back in with a lighter mix of colors to pick out some more details.  I used a Maiden Flesh to lighten the Sandy brown and the Engine Grime (a grayish color).

You can see how matte these colors dry, which is part of their design!

In no time at all, you have a very nifty base!

Here is the figure which will stand on the base.  It is a large metal figure from Reaper Miniatures.  I will try to make a painting video for him too!

Speaking of videos, here's a Facebook Live session that I did with the texture rollers: