Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fly away...

In between bouts of snow shoveling right now (and burning hundreds of disks), so a quick post for you.  This time, some new images of the subject for the 'core' freehand video from the Painting Pyramid series.

I was just burning a few dozen of this video.  It really was a good subject for that topic, since I could even work freehand into the base itself.

She's also here:

When 'life' imitates 'art'

OK, this is another blast from the past.  Long ago, I had seen this piece of art (not sure who the artist is, but I am assuming that it does originate from Games Workshop).

I thought it would be very fun to make something that was a bit like it.  This meant chopping up a solid metal Marneus Calgar figure... before I ever had a razor saw.

That certainly made this task more difficult!  You can see where the extra GW bitz were added, as well as the brown stuff and plasticard/polystyrene tubing.

I seem to remember using an Ork Choppa blade to create the Nemesis Weapon.  I forget where the Storm Bolter bit came from.

And the painted result.  It was a very complex paint job, since everything was sculpted in place.  Normally, many of these pieces would have been painted separately and then attached when complete.

Also, it weighed a ton!  It was sitting there on the end of the dowel rod, with the pin almost bending under the weight.

Still, it was an interesting project.  Believe it or not, I did 2 more conversions using solid metal Marneus minis.  Guess I just didn't learn my lesson the first time!