Saturday, November 9, 2013

Walkin' on fire...

Time for more Raging Heroes Blood Vestals!  The previous sets were on marble, so this time it's back to lava.  Lots of fun with the Vallejo Fluorescent paints. :-)

There is a lot of variety in the Blood Vestal sets.  They are all one piece casts, though, which is very cool!  Super easy to make some dynamic units with them.

Something to dig your claws in

More yellow guys.  Again, I was surprised at the difference in the casting quality on these versus the last set of terminators from Forgeworld.  I don't think these were a nasty experiment in finecast like the round shoulder pad termies.

I also prefer this venting mechanism on the back.

I was happy that there were no miscasts on the shoulder pads!  I had to entirely resculpt the last batch.