Friday, March 1, 2013

You've got Chainmail...

I ran across a few old Chainmail figures that I painted back in the day.  I am pretty sure these have not been produced for some time.  These were made by the same folks that were making the D & D books, until they went to the pre-painted plastic figures.

I still have some unpainted Underdark figures.  Maybe someday!

Brunhilde joins her Sisters...

At long last, Brunhilde can join her Sisters!  She is part of the Special Edition Konigsmark sisters boxed set from Raging Heroes.

She has a few different options... sword, shield, etc., as do her sisters.

Lots of stuff going on with this mini!  Having those various options certainly is nice.

I figured the base should have the same design as the shield.

I have not painted Walter the dog yet, but here the girls are all together!

Looks like everybody wants to snuggle in the warmest blanket in the house!

Coming soon! Raging Heroes Kickstarter Previews

As you may already know, Raging Heroes is about to launch a new Kickstarter program.  The Toughest Girls in the Galaxy.  These are some preview images they have been posting on their website.

I certainly can't wait to see these!  You can check out the Kurgonavas on their website to see how these will look in reality...

Here's a little sneak preview of my own...