Friday, April 27, 2018

Rolling on to Victory!

Some new texture rollers have just been added to my Green Stuff World collection!  The Flagstone, Herringbone and Alien Hive will be fantastic additions, as well as this new version of the Roll Maker!!

I can certainly envision combining the Roll Maker with the Alien Hive texture, along with my existing sci-fi style rollers.

Here's a better look at the textures.  As always, there's a lot of patterns tucked into one roller, so there are no "plain" spots.  This is especially important when using sheets of Sculpey as I do, which are subsequently baked.

Onto the rolling!  Using the Gray Extra Firm Sculpey and the plain roller, I started to form a quick sheet to see which thickness might work best with the Flagstone texture roller.

You can get the Sculpey at any Hobby Lobby or Michales craft store, and even on the Green Stuff World webstore if you are overseas.

Green Stuff World also has 3 roller guides, each one as a different thickness.  These are incredibly helpful, and I use them all the time.  It can be very difficult to keep the same pressure on each side of the roller, even more so when you are creating the large sheets which you will see later in the article.

This Extra Firm Gray Sculpey is the one type of clay that does not get itself stuck into all the tiny crevices of the rollers.  It is a much stronger clay, but you can still break it and carve it like the lighter versions.  I usually avoid the Super Sculpey version, as that is more brittle, and can also turn out rubbery.

The Herringbone pattern is great as well.  My first thought was to use it as a cobblestone road, but it might also do well as exterior wall texture for medieval structures.  Definitely something to try out!

If you want to get an idea of how I work with these sheets once they are baked, I have a number of tutorials here on the blog in the Basing Techniques section.  You can also watch this recent Facebook Live tutorial:

I will be doing another Facebook Live session later tonight, trying out these rollers and a few other items.  The more support I can get on the Patreon Page, the more time I will have to do the live sessions.  I try to experiment as often as possible to make sure and force myself to think of new ideas! :-)