Saturday, November 16, 2013

A binder full of Vestals

OK!  The promised group shots are here.

These kind of shots are always fun for me, since I get to see everything as a whole, but when you have lava bases... so much more fun!

The fluorescent paints just glow so intensely!! 

Yes, they can even rank up.

I have a series of images showing renders from the Raging Heroes Kickstarter.

Oh my, these will be AMAZING to paint!!!!

These make me even more relieved that I was able to get into the 40k Champs at Adepticon!

Too cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next, I will show the boxes of troops!

Hot stuff

One more from Raging Heroes.  Actually, I am working on some more of these :-)  Trying to make a banner and musician version of the lava gals!

I do have some group shots on the way, however!