Thursday, April 10, 2014

This is heavy, but is slices pretty good

A classic Reaper mini, which was obviously another practice figure for the Highland Guard.  I did a number of these, testing out the tartan pattern, which you will recognize.

I also tested out the tattoo patterns as well!

Seeing double

There are a host of different weapon options that come with the RAV 6 x 6.  I have a few of them here, starting with the Hydra option as well as the classic multilaser Chimera.

There is also a heavy flamer option (which you will see later) as well as the Plasma cannon.

The weapons themselves are metal.  I have pinned mine, but magnetizing is also possible.

I all, I think there are ten different options, including heavy bolter, demolisher cannon, etc.

The Victoria Miniatures Highland Guard standing around them are perfectly GW sized, so the scale works well also!

When you hear these pipes, you get a wee bit of plasma to the face!