Monday, May 7, 2018

Home Made Tufts Part One: Shrubs and Flowers

I recently made a step by step post showing how I used my new Static Grass Applicator from WWS, creating a bunch of brand new home made grass tufts.  

Since then, I had found a number of tutorials showing how to make your own shrub and flower tufts.  These are the most valued floral basing materials for me, and I have really wanted to make my own versions.

Not only can they be expensive, the colors and types that I need always seem to be out of stock.  Also, I can never find just the right color.  definitely time to take control of that situation myself!

As before, I cut up some sheets of Parchment paper to place my dots of glue.  The individual dots will be smaller than the first tests that I conducted.

These were taped down to a piece of cardboard so that they would not curl or move during the process and attach my nail.

Another added step to the original process is a bit of longer grass as a substitute for 6/8mm static grass.  I have plenty of 2/4mm, but I want the taller grass to "catch" the wood glue so I can attach the leaves and flowers to the stalks.

After mixing in a variety of heights and shades, I chopped up the tall grass.  I learned that you can't cut this too long, or it will get stuck in the applicator.  Usually 10mm is the limit.

I have been using the glue sent with the original set, but in the future I will be using Elmer's glue and possibly wood glue for additional strength.

The nail is placed in the sheet and through the cardboard backing.  This is what will provide the static charge to make the grass stand up straight.  You must tap on the applicator, and move across your sheet.

This image really shows how that static energy can manipulate the grass!

I was very happy with the way these tufts turned out.  I wanted to have a decent variety of colors and shades, as well as lengths of grass.  Those taller bits should be perfect for the tiny dots of wood glue!

At some point I will get myself some 6 and 8mm static grass so that the process goes even faster.

Unlike the previous batch, I kept most of the colors and tones in the greenish shades.  I did try to make some a little more brown than others, however.

The next episode will cover the addition of leaves and shredded foam to create those flower and shrubs!  I am hoping to do this in video form as well, but that will take considerably more time.  

That is something that I will try to do for the Patreon Page, in the new format that I made last week.  I might even be able to make the tufts themselves part of the new pledge structure, depending on how much of the supplies I can secure!