Tuesday, November 17, 2015

No need to hush...

I have one more series of images for you of amazing goodness coming from Raging Heroes.

These are every bit as stunning as the previous posts.

When you look through these last several sets, it's incredible to see just how many dramatic, elegant sculpts are being created.  Each one has a ton of character and story.

The Daughters of the Orphanage would work in so many different systems, it's scary! :-)

These ladies will certainly be part of a Kings of War Basilea.

This pose has quite a story by itself.  I love the "You shall not pass" attitude!!!

This one is equally incredible.

I'm thinking that I will have to come up with some kind of very special freehand for all these robes.

The tiny lanterns will also provide a lot of opportunities to add some object source lighting.

Look at this amazing group.  Yes... this is a 'unit'.  Raging Heroes has created a lot of great five figure sets for the previous campaign, but now it is at an all new level.

So, I felt the need to proclaim the wonders of the Sisters... not keeping it silent.

Stay tuned for part two, where you see more of the Children of the Orphanage.

The Magic Circle

What I really like about this newest age of miniatures is the way details such as the face are being sculpted.  This figure is a fantastic example of that.  When a face is sculpted and cast so well, it makes painting it a joy, as opposed to a potential nightmare :-)

The flowing cloak was also well done, allowing me to do some fun new freehand designs without being impeded by a maze of fabric folds!

There's a few images here that show the base.

She's also here: