Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Garden Variety

This classic Reaper sculpt by Sandra Garrity was yet another opportunity to see what I could do in a limited space with a variety of foliage products.

I have a few flower sets from Hangar 18, and some tufts from Gamer's Grass.  Not only were the flowers different colors, but they were also different heights, which was especially useful!

I tried to have those flowers play off the colors of the miniature, using the blueish purple as a contrast to the golden flowers and bright green tufts.  The red flowers were designed to tie in the color of the hair down to the base itself.

While this is essentially a simple method of basing, some strategic placements and color choices created something substantial and interesting to look at!  I like to have as many types of flock, tufts, leaves and other foliage products on hand as possible.

That presents me with a lot of options, no matter what kind of figure I am basing, or the color scheme, etc.