Monday, April 13, 2015

And that makes Three

Well, more like three of nine.  The other six will play out over the next few weeks.

It was very nice to see all nine of them together the other day, just like the nine Myrmidons.

These were a challenge to prep and build, but not as difficult to paint as the Myrmidons.  No cloaks, and fewer obscured sections definitely helped!

So, stay tuned for more Thallax, Thralls, and a special HQ figure!

All Creatures, great and small

Something remarkable for you to start the week!

This is from Creature Caster, created by the stunning talents of Jeremy Glenn.

Many of you will remember his past work on the fantastic Ultraforge demons.  Armed with all new sculpting techniques, the Creature Caster line was born out of a very successful kickstarter campaign.

This is just one test cast of the Vulture Demon.

Already you can see some of the old favorite elements of the previous incarnation... chief among them, not a pile of a bazillion tiny parts!  

Take note of the grooves that allow you to fit parts in position very easily.  This entire beast is being held together then nothing more than a few tiny bits of blu tac.

The grooves are made to hold these nice, big pieces exactly where they should be.  

No crazy, hollow "chocolate bunny" style figures that leave your hands covered in green stuff and glue.

No sitting around praying for glue to dry before your fingers either fall asleep or are also glued together.

In just a few minutes, and those tiny pieces of tac, we see him revealed in all his glory!

I believe that a few quick passes with the Vallejo Water Effects is all that I will need to rapidly cover any gaps which may appear.  Keep in mind that the pieces of tac are taking up some space in the joints.

It only gets better, as we see the alternate head option.  I am having a tough time choosing one, as they both look great.

Once all this is glued together and primed, I will take another set of images, some with figures of other sizes for you to make some judgments on scale.

Then  I will post a series of step by step articles on the painting process.

For old time's sake, I believe I will try to match this Ultraforge Demon which I painted years ago: