Sunday, May 24, 2015

What's cookin' in Hell's Kitchen

A new addition to the Outlaws for you from Wild West Exodus.  Meet Chef, who's toting around some serious kitchen ware!

If you are nice to him, he might just fix you up some crème brulee.

Hmm... looks like ribs might be on the menu tonight boys!  Although he does have a big pot of beans going right now... best not sit too close to the campfire then.

Deal Me in!

It's been a while since you have seen some base designs, but that will be changing, starting now!

This is something I have never tried before, a nice little bar table with some booze, cards and chips.  The table was made from some left over Burn in Designs pieces.

The playing cards were cut from paper, while the bottle was carved from sculpey.

Both of the wooden platforms were also sculpted from sculpey clay.  The nice cut of meat is a GW ogre kingdoms bit.

It was tricky to get things scaled down to squeeze onto the base, but it was worth it.

The gambling table base is for a Reaper figure, which you will see during the week!  Stay tuned!