Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Burgundy Sorceress

Sandra Garrity time again!!

Here's another fantastic classic from the Reaper series of our early painting years, but this time it has been executed with the knowledge gained over 15 years of painting.

I enjoyed this set of colors as well, the cooler burgundy reds juxtaposed with the higher chroma teal.  Some gold was tossed in as a further accent.

On the base, I added a few new Gamer's Grass products.  I enjoy the low cut grass tufts, which will be particularly nice for smaller scales such as Flames of War.

She's also here:


Here's a very fun new miniature from Twisted Game!  You can see that he is quite the Steampunk theme.

He was part of the recent kickstarter campaign, which featured all kinds of amazing sculpts.  And yes, these sculpts are actually done by hand!  So rare... but it certainly shows. :-)

Check out the facebook page with much more!

He's also here: