Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Exiting the Ice Age

One more round of Ice Queen for you today.  This really was the ideal figure for the Painting Blue video, for so many reasons.  So many different types of blue were mixed for that video!!

What made it that much more fun was sculpting the ice base for it.  That allowed me to play with the variations in the blues even more.  Of course, it meant that I could make a video about sculpting ice bases as well :-)

Moving from purplish hues to teal makes this one a favorite of mine.

She is also here:

Tree Warrior from Raging Heroes

These guys turned out to be just right for the Glazing video.  I have a few of them around now.  I put them on 40mm bases just in case I ever had need for some treekin!

I also sculpted some foresty type stuff on the base!

He's also here: