Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tasty food and fun!

Tuesday was mostly a culinary extravaganza, punctuated by adventures with ZBrush and so on.

Babo had his first blueberry sunday earlier in the day!

The it was off to the factory to reorganize things, hunt down paints and minis.

I had a few brief moments to dab paint on the dwarf wizard.

When you are at these things, you see all sorts of wonderful stuff sitting right in front of you, such as Victoria's amazing figures!  After so many years seeing these only through the prism of the internet, it was fantastic to actually view them in person!

This has become world famous, and a standard for dioramas, OSL, and storytelling in general.

Darn!  Rolled that '1'.  Time to duke it out!  Yet another marvelous set of minis from the talented brush wielding Victoria.

Even more yummy foods for Babo.  Marinated Chicken breast with sauteed onions, BBQ sauce, and sauteed mushrooms.  Wanna make this for myself soon.  However, I think I will have to substitute baked or mashed sweet potatoes for the sweet potato fries.

Sorry for the nasty images, but my light was left behind at the studio.  I was so involved with the ZBrush action, I forgot to take images while I was there!  My apologies.

I don't know what the blogging situation will be like for the day.  I anticipate a lot of running around, and things will have to be packed up, possibly leaving me with only the phone.

We shall see.  It's going to be a long trip back.