Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Wilder West

This 54mm figure from Knuckleduster Miniatures was a very fun exercise in painting skin tones, eyes and freehand on a larger scale figure.  I don't get to do this very often, which is why I painted it in a Facebook Live Session:

There were a few challenges to this piece, since I had to match the character which inspired the sculpt (as you saw in my photo references!).  I also had to choose what portions of each reference that I might use, such as which colors to place and what possible freehand might work well.

You don't want a miniature to simply become a 3D fresco, with so much in the way of designs and images that you forget someone is actually wearing it!

This meant trying to come up with some kind of pattern that fit the era, the color scheme of this particular figure, and did not take away from the face.  The whole point of having a larger scale figure was to be able to do more details on said face...

I chose a simple flower pattern that matched the flowers on the dress and the hair, and restricted that to the wide open areas of the skirt.  I toned it down as much as possible.

You can check out more great figures on the Knuckledusters website, and see what is coming from the recently completed Kickstarter campaign!

If you want to see more live sessions and other videos about painting these bigger figures (as I do!), any contributions to the Patreon Page will go a long way towards making that happen.  As you already know, these figures can be quite expensive!