Thursday, March 17, 2016

Call to War

I enjoyed this Red Box Games miniature, with some fun elements such as the shape of the weapon and the face.  I could do some interesting things with the NMM, and put plenty of color variation on the face as well!

As usual, I tried to incorporate as much green, tan, red tones, etc., as I could on the cloak.

The view from above shows a little more of the sword blade and the face.  With part of the scalp shaved, I thought it could be neat to get more greenish grey tones in that area.

Ready for battle!

Twisted Fashions

Meet Nancy, one of my favorites from the new Twisted Game line of miniatures!

She is the ultimate in high Victorian fashion, sporting a little augmentation here and there.

The Reaper clear paints were quite valuable once again, as they can be thinned down with either water or flow improver to turn them into amazing glaze colors!  Very important when you want some subtle color changes without having to mix a lot of opaque colors and layer them together.

The last day has arrived for the campaign, so be sure to check it out here!