Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Yes, I am now using his correct name!  Dave Taylor was nice enough to inform me that I was having a memory lapse :-)  I thought something was amiss, but my mind has been pulled in so many directions, there is very little 'hold' left in the blue tac which is my brain!

Here is the finished mini.  I took many shots of the whole set together, which will actually take two posts!

I also had some fun with the cloak :-)

Next up is the Brunhilde on horseback!

"Shading" the shaded basecoat with glazes...

OK folks!  A little more fun with glazing.  As always, the idea is not only to darken down the colors to create shadows... it is also about tinting your colors.  The metals in particular, since they are reflective.

I painted all the cloth surfaces red, so that this reflectivity would be easier to demonstrate.  This will also enhance the cooler colors in the areas where I would prefer it to be brass (more greenish).  The horse was painted as a dapple grey to add to that "warm vs cool" contrast.

I tried to continue this theme, even on the banner.

I will post the finished images soon!!  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, I enjoyed this new image from the Raging Heroes kickstarter.  This 'gas mask' faction will be perfect for the gals who will be outside the hive city defending the walls!!

Addadon in action!

Time to start posting the pictures of the completed minis from the Forgeworld set!

We begin with Abbadon.  It's been a while since I had a chance to do black armor.  I think it's been years, in fact!

I was tempted to do more weathering on him, but I decided to keep that at a minimum this time.  There were hints of battle damage and weathering that were sculpted in...

Loken is next!