Friday, June 3, 2016

Somua Surge!

This newest armored edition to the Bolt Action French force was very fun to paint!  After painting so many versions of this tank for Flames of War, it was very nice to have the additional details that the 28mm scale (or close proximity) provided.

I have to admit, it was pretty interesting to use the exact same colors on something that was so much bigger!  It certainly made the freehand a lot easier!

I did avail myself of the use of a few Secret Weapon weathering powders on the treads, exhaust pipes and a few other elements.  Using the sealer medium to create a watercolor style wash, I could get the rust and dust to settle into crevices without the need for a spray coating to hold in the goodness.

Since this was larger, the tank commander figure was a real treat to paint!  Darn those one man turret rules!!!  The bane of my existence.

The view from above shows a little of the soot and scorching that was applied to the vents.

The parade ground view!!

One more look... and then perhaps on to the battlefield.  Or perhaps not, if the Char Bis is completed first. ;-)  Stay tuned!