Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Rhino Bash!

Here's a collection of images showing off one more of the Mierce Miniatures rhinos!  These big guys were truly colossal, and lots of fun to paint.  The base is roughly 60mm.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Mierce is pretty unique in that each faction has its own "super monstrous" infantry.  Usually, such creatures are ogre sized or slightly bigger.  There are entire units of these beasties available!

I also marvel at how the sculptor is able to turn a large bulky four legged monster into something bipedal and 'agile' 

Making "hands" out of elephant feet and rhinos is not all that easy, so many kudos!

The armor is also nicely crafted, which allowed me to do some fun color variations that played off the colors of the skin and fur.

You can see more of the gang here:

One more look at Rhino guy... and have a great Christmas as well!  Many thanks for checking out the blog.