Sunday, February 10, 2019

Mushroom Horde!

Who would have thought that sculpting mushrooms could be so much fun?  I sculpted a LOT of little mushrooms for these goblins, and discovered a new material that creates and interesting moss effect.

That new material is the Vallejo Moss and Lichen paint, which is very thin, but dries ultra matte.  You can mix it with regular paint colors to create other effects as well.

The mushrooms were painted with this mix, and the surrounding rocky surfaces too.

I think it is possible to see how each set of mushrooms was done in a "triangle", with one of the mushrooms being the largest, and two smaller ones placed around it.  This is important for composition, as you don't want to have matching sizes placed right next to each other.

Having this variation in sizes and placement makes things look more interesting and natural.

I captured some of this process on film, and it will be a part of my basing series on the Patreon Page!  This will be included with the Basing pledge on the page: