Friday, February 14, 2014

The next conversion

OK, we continue with that converted Grey Knight terminator squad from years past.

As I look at these again for the first time in a long time, I remember how much I learned in the process of converting and resculpting them.

Just like the rest of the squad, I took a regular space marine, added length to the legs and arms, the extra armor, and so on.

These guys required a number of layers.  I had to do one area, leave it alone, and move on to the next guy as that one set up.  Then I used green stuff to do all the lettering and finer details.

And here he is painted!  Heck, I remember how my painting techniques were only just beginning to move in the direction in which they have progressed since then.

While these guys were painted in a huge rush to be ready for Games Day, I know that my current techniques could have done the job in half the time...

Something fun for the last Drow

OK... this concludes the series of Drow on the lava bases.  It has been a blast.  As I have mentioned before, these were used as practice and test figures for many different video topics.

Painting Lava bases, Freehand, Drow skin, and so on!

I wanted to do something very different with this banner, so I went with my usual pattern that I had also painted on the skulls.

Oh yeah, and this was also a test for the Vallejo Fluorescent paints!

She is also here: