Friday, September 12, 2014

The Pillar of Light!!

Here we have the Pillar Of Light, the Heavy Support option for the new Holy Orders faction.

This is a large resin kit, and it's very solid.  You will never have to worry about anything breaking on this!

As you can see from the last set, I have used some water effects to make a few of the power conduits more like glass.  I thought this could be a very fun way to differentiate some textures.

I will eventually shoot some images with regular infantry sized figures next to it so you get a sense of how massive it is.

There is a very distinct look to the Wild West Exodus vehicles.  Most games have tanks which look like variations on WW1 or WW2 vehicles.  This certainly breaks that mould!

I am also looking forward to seeing what this bad boy does in a game, since I will be making a Holy Orders army!

My own personal Pillar of Light will probably red and gold, as an homage to my beloved Demonhunters of old.  Rich is already sneaking purple onto his Outlaws, so it only seems right!

The more I look at this, the more I enjoy it... and the more I want to see it on the table with a Holy Host next to it!

It looks imposing from just about any angle.

The combination of curved and angular surfaces was a tremendous challenge, but it also offered more fun opportunities for NMM effects.  The top gun portion in particular required a lot of careful planning!

Toss in tons of glowing conduits and runes, and you have yourself a beast!

I was glad that the Holy Orders glowing stuff is blue, not red.  It is a fantastic foil to all of the gold.

I hope you enjoy this guy!

The rule of law...

For Rich and I to finally be able to get started with the Wild West Exodus adventure, we had to have something to work with!  So, that meant I had to create some more bases for the rest of the Lawmen!

This was a Liam Neison classic "Quickly, there's no time!" moment, so I just slapped some paint on the bases...

Here's the rest of the faction, including the Boss, Underboss, and Light Support.

Rich also needed to complete the basing on his Outlaws.  He already had some of the special base inserts which WWX makes.

Lawmen ready for some Paint 'n Play.

Rich's Outlaws, with some of the base inserts.  He also sculpted some bases out of sculpey!

Getting some paint on the Lawmen.

Then it was time to try some basic combats to get an idea of how the system worked,  We found that it was complexity embedded in simplicity, which was nice!  The variety all comes in with the abilities of the actual guys, beyond just simple stat lines.

The factions actually do different things, which certain other systems we had played over the years had lost.  Also, nothing is certain.  Yes, there are some nasty things, but even the lowliest of the low can still surprise you!  Beware. :-)

Rich seems to be taking aim at one of my Lawmen.

Some very basic shaded basecoat colors on the Lawmen, with a few glazes in there as well.

Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday are looking forward to cleaning up Deadwood. :-)