Thursday, June 6, 2013

Look who's coming to dinner...

Here are the images of the completed Abbadon and Loken!  All together on their base.

For those of you who may not have seen them, there are two other posts that show various stages of the painting.  I posted them earlier this week.

This was an interesting piece to paint.  I do wish that they would not have the bases interact with the 'main' base in the manner they have been doing.  I had to cut away parts of the figures bases to be at the correct angle, and so on.

At least they are all finished!

Quite a duel!

Hey, how ya been doin'?  Whoa, watch where you point that thing...

Meatloaf again?

What's wrong with my meatloaf?

I told you that I hate onions!

Sorry about that, guys!  Very little sleep.  Anyway, I have top views coming next...

Brunhilde for the Gold!

Here she is!  The mounted Brunhilde figure for the Painting Gold NMM video.  As I thought, the multitude of surfaces provided me with lots of ways to illustrate the layout of colors, lights and darks, etc.

There were also many nice detailed bits to work with, so I could maximize the reflections of one surface on another.

As you can see by the base, the horse is no whimpy little pony!  This makes one heck of an Empire hero/general. :-)

I used the alternate version of this figure (shield instead of banner), since that one fit much better with my camera and lighting set up!