Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Warriors of Winter

It has been a very long time since I have shown any images of the original winter Germans.  This original batch was done with the bark and branch method of basing, and the snow was done using the Secret Weapon crushed glass method.

I really enjoy that snow technique, because you can make a wide variety of snow types with the same material.  It all depends on how much of the realistic water that you mix in with the crushed glass.  More of the realistic water, and you get a more melted snow effect.  The "drier" you make the mix, the crunchier and fluffier your snow will be.

I have painted many different Warlord Games Bolt Action sets, but the winter Germans have been among my favorites.

While there are many different methods and materials for making snow effects, this one has more of a crystalline appearance, for obvious reasons.  You can see that even more when it is painted on the tree branches or on thew caps, hood, etc.

Here's a few images of the whole unit.  I also did the command figures as well as a few weapon teams.  I look forward to doing the next batch for our Staligrand games, so that means doing an urban theme with this snow.  When you add weathering powders into the snow mix, you can get a little more of a dirty snow.

I will try to do this new batch on the Facebook live sessions.  The figures will probably be painted with oils this time around, which should be very interesting!  Stay tune for those, and if possible, please try to support the Patreon page, which makes it possible for me to do more of those live tutorials.

You will also have a chance to win the monthly figure raffle too!