Saturday, November 24, 2012

The first images of a finished Angron...

All right, some pictures at last of the finisehd Angron!  This post will focus on the individual parts.

Let's begin with Angron himself...

While I appreciate that he is removeable from the larger base, it is very difficult.  It could have been planned out better if that was the goal.

At any rate, here are some more pictures of Angron:

I like the way all the different elements turned out.

The view from above...

This was the part that drove me nuts.  The figure on the left had to be left on a pin, since there is no way to get the Angron figure out of the main base if that is glued.  I was not a happy camper, as I learned this as the glue and green stuff were setting up!  Definitely some unhappy sounds from me.

This morning, I decided to magnetize the marine on the right, since he kept spinning around on his pin.  AFter 2 hours of drilling, glueing, green stuff and paint, the magnet somehow ended up at the wrong angle!!

So, I had to rip all that apart and do it again.  More unhappy sounds from me.  I changed that, and let it set up for a while.  That is why I had to work on the Tomb King, to forget about all the insanity.

I will post the completed images of the whole piece tomorrow morning, I think...

Lots of boxes showed up today.  One had some vital supplies from FRP Games.  I highly recoomend them.  Great prices, great service, great products.  I think there are 2-3 bits in here that were on clearance.

Time to get back to painting!!!

All hail the King!

Since Angron had some 'surprises' that only Forgeworld can provide, images of him are coming later.

For the moment, we have something that will be needed for my Adepticon Tomb Kings Army.  A Tomb King!  This particular version will go on my warshpinx.

For those who are not familiar with the Tainted Pharaoh, I suggest that you go to the collection of posts (about 80 in total) that describe the army, the display board, the story behind it all, and how it was made!

I started out by establishing the dark green base.

Then it was time to introduce the flourescent colors, such as the green.  I mixed a Vallejo Fluo green with emerald.

More lightening of that color, gradually introducing more bright yellowish white.

A few more layers to get it to the final highlight...

I started working on the metals at this time as well.  I used some pink in with my greys, matching what I had done over most of the other figures.  Remember, this is a Tzeentch tainted army, so wild colors are the norm!

More highlights, along with some that are more blueish.

I added some accents, like some flourescent magentas.

Just like with Angron, once all the shaded basecoat is complete, it's time to start shading and tinting darker!  We start with the greens...

All the other surfaces are shaded darker as well, such as the wrappings, armor, weapon, etc.

Stay Tuned!  Tomorrow you will see him on the reworked Warsphinx!

Revving those engines... Side by side racin'

This is a sight that I have been waiting for quite a while to see!  Both completed engines in the same photo.  At least not a battle report. :-)

These images give a btter idea of how I tried to make each element of the engines different from each other.  There are the physical differences, such as the sculpting of the stegadons and the designs on the howda floors, but more importantly in the portals!

The skinks are as different as I could paint them, and the preists as well.

The bases are different in terms of the designs on the temple floors, and the foliage.

I really learned a lot when I worked on these.  Those lessons would come in very handy for making the Tomb Kings Titan and Colossus!

I have a warsphinx that should be up on the blog at some point tomorrow which made me think of these.  I didn't sculpt the warkitty, but I was able to make a whole new howdah.

Well, it's just about time for me to pass out now, so see you all tomorrow.  Actually, that would be later today.  Expect to see more Angron as well!!!