Friday, March 6, 2015

Blood and Guts in the swamp

We need some RJ-1027 glow for our snake.  Vallejo orange fluorescent paints work very well for this!  I mix in a little red where I need it to be darker... and some yellow when I want to lighten it up.

Be advised that it is a very thick, but very transparent paint.  When you mix yellow in with it, you increase its opacity.

A little bit of ivory was added for the final lights.

Between the reddish orange and the surrounding green color, those bits of RJ-1027 glow really stand out!

Last, but not least, we need some blood and gore!!

The Realistic Water serves as a 'suspender', which will give the gore a transparent appearance.  It will also give it a bit of glossy shine.

When you look at the Realistic Water on the left and see the lighter red mixed in, you get a sense of how this effect works.  The lighter red is applied first, and will be smeared around on the surface.

Here we have that first application.  Where I want the blood/gore to be thicker, I will build up additional layers, each one with more dark red included.

I also used the lighter red mix to take care of the areas of skin that had been cut open to insert various RJ-1027 elements.

On the tips of the tails, I used a very dark mixture of red and Realistic Water.  It was thick enough to pool up in a drop.

This image shows me working around the snake, adding successive layers of darker reds.

Heavy applications of deep red have been added to the inside of the mouth and the ends of the blades on his head.

A little side by side with the reference image...

He's almost done!  Just some picking out of final highlights and other details. Stay tuned for the finished images!!!