Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How I photograph my miniatures, a glimpse into my world :-)

As I keep running into learning curve issues with the filming of our miniature painting DVD's for the Kickstarter, I was reminded of how long it took me to perfect the still photography of our miniatures!

All of you loyal Wappellians will recognize my typical "multiview" images that have graced the pages of this blog, CoolMiniOrNot, and many other sites.

Today I have a post for you that demonstrates how I go about doing that:

This process was devloped over thousands and thousands of photographs and 13 years.  I guess this is why those "moving picture shows" are proving to be less easy!!!

While these photos are not as fancy as the ones you see on CMON and other sites, I don't have time to screw around with those methods.  I need to have the figures shot in a very consistent way, since many of them are part of continuing projects over the course of several years.  A sudden shift in backdrops, etc., would make it really difficult to get a true comparison of the colors.

So, I hope this is helpful!  Gee, will I have to shoot a DVD of this process too?  He he... :-)

Taggar Oathkeeper, Dwarf Cleric from Stonehaven Miniatures

Yes, another Dwarf miniature from the Stonehaven kickstarter!!

This time it's Taggar Oathkeeper, a Dwarf Cleric who always tends to his duties.  If he is unhappy with a situation, he keeps it to himself, growing grumpier by the minute until he explodes.  Afterwards, he is embarrassed and very accommodating.

I almost forgot to mention that the base is from Dragonforge!