Thursday, April 17, 2014

Base of Operations

So, here we have some images of the step by step prop for the Shaded Basecoat class at Reapercon!

This images shows the first stage, and the final version with glazes applied.

This photo has the first three stages.  You can see that it starts in the lower end of the middle tones, but rapidly works its way up the value scale.  Not much attention is paid to "staying in the lines'!

Here's all five.  The basic idea here is to start lighter, work even lighter, and then shade and tint.  This allows me to start out with a very simple color base, and then get more complex colors with the glazes.  Far less colors to remember!

It's all glaze to match if you are doing multiples of figures.

Another set with the later stages.

And the full panople. 

Keep in mind, the class is not about painting a whole mini!  As I said before (and always say during the classes), it's just about trying out the concept yourself on a limited basis... rather than stare at me painting the whole time ! :-)

Galloping to the rescue

Brunhilde to the rescue!  Courtesy of Raging Heroes miniatures, she is one of their most interesting creations.

Some of you might recognize her as the miniature I used for the Gold Non Metallics video.  You can see why she was such a good choice, as there are so many different surfaces!

This allowed me to put so many different colors into the golds... purples, greens, and even reflecting the reds in the cape.

I painted the horse gray so that I could put even more greens into the armor, reflecting that cooler color.  Since metals are all in the reflections and the balance of hard vs soft edges, this one had it all.

There's a lot going on with this very heroic miniature.  As you paint it, you realize there are all sorts of details that are not noticed at first (or second) glance.

I have spent a number of hours over the last few months here and there working on this to complete it, since the video itself only left time for the demonstration, and not intricate details.  Finally, Brunhilde is in all her glory!

She's also here: