Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fire and Iron

Here's the latest structure to be added to the own of Wappelville... a blacksmith's shop!  This is a great design by Lathan of Burn In Designs.

As you can see, this is a fairly extensive structure, with lots of elements.

The building itself is pretty spacious, and there is a nice shelving unit as well.  There are two sliding doors which can close off this unit when you need to create some security!

And now for our forge... complete with an anvil!!

There is plenty of room in here to get some figures in here, including a little dust up!!  The roof sections can be removed to get those lads inside.

It glows red hot with RJ-1027 supplied energy.

You don't have to use both structures, but they do make an impressive pair.

I still have many more details to add on this... signs, wanted posters, tools, buckets, etc.

For now, it will certainly do the trick!  It's available from Burn In Designs.

Looks like Wyatt is already staking his claim to this newest building, making sure that no Outlaws use it as a hideout!

The Law, forged in Iron!

Hmm... perhaps the Judgement Heavy Support needs a few patches after the latest fight...

Those bases are larger, 40mm size, which gives you an idea of how big this set is!

Stay tuned for additional posts with those extra touches!!

War of the Roses

The colors on this Reaper figure are a huge change from most of what I have been doing lately, as I try to get myself into a different palette mode for upcoming projects.

Brighter, more saturated colors will be necessary, and I have been spending months of painting quite muted, natural earth tone colors.  I will also have to do a lot of complex freehand, so time to get a little extra practice there as well!

It was a lot of fun to return to this kind of palette, which was more my normal style for years.  I suppose that's why I was so comfortable with the Tzeentch figures!

She's also here: