Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Visiting the jungle again...

The second of the Terradon bases.  This time, we have an all wooden version!

Next to the first sculpey base.

I was very pleased with the painting of the foliage!!

Now I am very eager to see them with their flying critters in place.

Positioning them so they can rank up will be another challenged altogether. :-)

I also have some more of these on the way, since there are six flying lizards to base!!

More patterns!

Time for a few more camo patterns!  This crackle pattern has interested me for a while, so it was fun to give it a try.  I will probably do this on one more set.

This one is almost a more 'modern' camo pattern.  I think it's another late war scheme.

Here's the two newest colors next to the early war gray.

This image shows the last 4 sets.

Now for all five, including the desert scheme.  I am glad that I have been trying out a nice variety of patterns, instead of doing just the typical gray.

There will still be at least 2 more units of gray, however!