Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ancient History

You have seen me post a few articles on the Green Stuff World texture rollers already, with runes, knotwork designs, and many other very handy basing themes!

This time, you will see an all new texture, a Greek/mosaic tile.

I will be using the extra firm grey sculpey once again.

I used the clear roller to set up the sculpey sheet.  I will be trying out a few thicknesses with this roller.  Normally I use my clay extruder (AKA pasta machine) to roll out a thin sheet, but I also wanted to try out a thicker sheet.

I attempted to make the sheet be as similar in width to the roller, so that I could pick up as much of the fantastic textures as possible.

Depending on how long you make the sheet, the more repeat textures you will get.  Eventually, I want to make some kind of runners to keep the roller moving evenly.  For now, I simply wanted to see what the texture looked like!

This was another sheet that was rolled.  You must remember to either cool the sculpey first, or use the firm variety.  That keeps the roller from 'tearing' the sheet, or carrying it along with the roller.

This piece is about 2.5 times as thick as the previous sheet.

It did make it easier to get a nice deep texture.  Plus, I won't have to put this sheet on to a piece of cork or something similar to give it the extra strength.

Here's a few sheets that I pressed and baked.

As always, bake the sculpey on some kind of ceramic tile!  The metal baking sheets transfer too much heat to the sculpey.

I will try to make you another post with the first bases made with this new texture!  Stay tuned.

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