Sunday, July 20, 2014

A old dog yielded new tricks

Here's something that I painted many moons ago.  Probably in 2006.  This was the height of the Rackham days, when we painted lots of Confrontation minis.  Our favorites were the wolfen.

Unfortunately, the alloys that were used were very soft, so these didn't always have the sturdiest construction.  There are a number of companies nowadays who I think are producing some very nice versions of these.

I know that I have a few new Reaper minis that are very much in line with these old Wolfen.  Also, Raging Heroes has some amazing female werewolves coming up!

Can't wait to paint those!!!

Strange power

When I saw this section of the last train car, it seemed appropriate to go with the same glow effect that I had done on the engine.  Out came the fluorescent paints!

Basic glow effect achieved.  Adjustments will be made later on, once I have seen how the glazes on the darker surfaces play out.

I also needed to get the shaded basecoat going on the brass sections as well.

Things are starting to develop!

Both turrets have their shaded basecoat.

More work on the brass.  Again, this is just the planning stage for where the lights and darks will go on these sweeping surfaces.  That, as I said before, could be very challenging!

It's ironic that it can be a lot easier to do these effects on much tinier figures.

Huge broad surfaces like this with undulating curves like a golf green can be confusing.  Just where do you put light and dark.  There are times where you have to be creative, and make changes to get contrast.

In addition, color temperature will be used to get some additional contrast.  That will happen in the glazing stage and beyond.