Monday, November 11, 2013

Howling mad?

This is a very fun figure from Reaper.  It was many years since I painted the last one, so I thought it would be a neat experiment to try it again.  I used several different Secret Weapon washes on it.

The Sapphire, Blue and Green washes were very helpful.  They were both subtle and intense in color at the same time.  As usual they were even better when mixed with regular paint colors to work the midtones.

The Sapphire was really fantastic when I mixed it with seafoam green for many effects.

The blue was great for a little bit of reddish tint, a nice compliment to the greener Sapphire, etc.

Fire Dancers

OK, one more Dark Elf living dangerously.  Once more, a Raging Heroes favorite :-)

Lots of fun!!!