Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ragnar Runecaster from Celtos

Here's one more vignette from Celtos.  The character is a dwarf named Ragnar Runecaster.  It was done with the same technique as the Cernunnos.  White sculpey was textured by pressing actual rocks into it prior to baking.

This allowed me to put one boulder on top of the other and build up the height of the formation.

I also sculpted the water texture with the sculpey.

Once it was baked and painted, I put some layers of gloss varnish over the water to give it some extra sparkle.

Some close ups of the mini...

I remember having lots of fun working with a whole range of blue/black colors on the raven the staff and the axe.

The Aberration completed

OK, you saw the step by step, now it's time for the finished views!!!

This was the most challenging of all the Grotesques thus far.  Lots of extra stuff on a figure that already has lots of extra stuff!!!

The views from above...

Everybody waiting for their Lucky Charms breakfast!