Sunday, January 5, 2014

The time of the orc has come

OK, another Rotter, another race.  This time, slugorc!

There are two of just about every race, which has made this a pretty huge team.

There are also many extras, such as turn markers, coaches, and so on!

The Ice Age cometh

Hey, remember the good old days of global warming?  Mild winters and all that.  Yes indeed.  

Anyway, I thought you folks from more mild climates might enjoy an update.  This is what Wappelville looked like when we got back on December 29th.

Fast forward to an hour ago, when I was out shoveling.

Mission #1 was to knock the 3 foot high snow drift off of the awning without burying myself in snow.  I sort of accomplished that.  Drift mostly gone, but the wind dumped half of it on me.

Look to the East.

And to the West.

This area was once an inland tropical sea.  Then it was buried under miles of ice.  It should return to that state by Tuesday.  I will soon become like the Trilobite fossils that I used to dig up from Thornton Quarry...

Three cheers...

As the playoffs get under way in crazy fashion, it's time for some cheerleaders.

Rah rah!  Cough. Gurgle. Nurgle!

Back to the Rotters next... Ork style. :-)