Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Chop Chop!!

This rather large beastie is from Mierce Miniatures, and is one of the first  monster sized figures that I attempted to paint with oils.  On this figure, I went even further with the oil paints than previous sessions, where I had only painted 40-50% with oils.

I typically finish off the detail areas with standard acrylic paints once the oils have dried. 

Here is a link to the live session where I used the oils:

As you can see, I have gone in with some refinements with the acrylics, such as adding the purple tones, a few spots and markings, as well as blood effects on the weapon and chopped up torso (from Secret Weapon Miniatures, BTW!).

The added touch of the lighter purples is meant to break up the larger areas of blueish gray/green, and make those bigger expanses more visually interesting.

I also have a link to the facebook live session where I created this base:

I am hoping to do many more facebook live sessions along these lines.  People have been able to get a lot of valuable information out of these two to three hour sessions!

If you can support this process with a donation to my patreon page, that would be most helpful.  Anyone who pledges is also eligible for the monthly raffle figure, with the first raffle already taken place.