Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Off to Reapercon... lots going on.

As I leave for Reapercon, I have been packing and shipping out dvd's as fast as I can.

Here's the area as I add in some of the 'specialty' videos into certain pledges and packages.

Last week I was focusing in on orders that involved sets of dice.

Into many piles like this!

Single and double disks have been sent in this way.  Two layers of cardboard, with multiple layers around the edges in between.  This is incredibly strong, and keeps the disks from bouncing around too much inside.

Yet another set labeled for the Post Office.  This scene replicates itself day after day.

Once I am back from Reapercon, I will get into the much larger boxes of the big pledges again.  By focusing on the 'singles' in this week before Reapercon, I was able to get dozens of them out the door.