Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Enemies, Old Heroes

While the Lawmen patrol the streets of Wappelville, something lurks in the shadows...

Strange creatures have been spotted by very nervous citizens, peeking out from behind curtains.  The Lawmen have dismissed most of these outlandish tales as fiction, but they are about to learn the hard way that the threat is real!

Right down Main street... a small horde of greyish creatures with hostile intent!

Legendary Wyatt sprung into action to counter this move, with some help from Carl Frederickson.

The great K-9 bots bared iron teeth, unafraid of these new enemies.  They set upon the spindly alien creatures...

But more continued to arrive!  An endless stream of greys, taking down one Lawman after another with gouts of green fire!

It looks like it will be up to the Hero of Wappelville to hold the line against the Aliens.

Virgil Earp also lent his firepower to the effort.  With the combined support of General Grant, Lucinda Loveless and the Union, this initial threat was dealt with.

General Grant knows, however, that this was simply the beginning...

A Rose by any other name...

The huge Union Siege Train has come into town, unloading a priceless cargo of ammunition, vehicles, and RJ-1027.  These have been a constant target of the Outlaws and the Enlightened, but concern over a new threat has grown... requiring more than token regiments of soldiers to guard it.

The Lawmen are out on patrol, with their customary K-9 and mercenary reinforcements.

They have sighted an unusual number of Dark Council, which can only mean major trouble is at hand!

This rather fetching Dark Council member seems to be whispering in the Preacher's ear...

Agent Lucinda Loveless has checked in to Le Flamant Rose, creating quite a stir.

Or has she already been in town for weeks in advance of the Siege Train?  No one is sure...

Life continues as normal.  Or at least as normal as possible for a town that has been leveled over and over again!

A shadowy figure reveals a glowing red RJ-1027 sabre.  This can only be one man... General Grant himself!  Serious trouble must be at hand.

What could this new threat be?  To bring out not only Legendary Wyatt, but the seldom seen General has the townsfolk really scared now!!  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Siege Train is in Town!

The train and all of the buildings in these images were made by Burn in Designs.  Seeing all of them together like this is a first for me, and I thought you just had to see it too!!

Look what's rolled into Wappelville!  A Union Siege Train.  Hopefully it's bringing in some new heavy and light support weapons for the Lawmen, who have been hard pressed of late by Carpathian and Jesse!

Everyone in town came out to see the impressive sight... a massive Iron Beast, bristling with weapons.

The Lawmen were leaving nothing to chance, however sunny the day, and mood of the townsfolk.

They knew all too well how badly that the enemies of order wanted to get their dirty hands on such firepower!

Legendary Wyatt himself decided that he needed to monitor the situation personally, and he brought along as many of his robotic canine friends as possible.

Passengers mixed with robotic guards at the station.  The Wooster Sisters seem to be trying to get a word in with Judge Stern...

Yes indeed, this was no ordinary train.  Buildings shuddered up and down Main Street as the Great Beast slowed to a halt near the platform.  The security grew even tighter, with Lawmen Interceptors mingling in with wagons and carts.

Guards seemed to be everywhere... on the roof of the Cantina, the tower... even in the wagons!

Wyatt sensed however, that a new enemy may attempt to strike.  One far stranger than the mad Dr. Carpathian and his abominations.  What could this mean?

The Hero of Wappelville was also called in, in case his portal jumping abilities might be needed once more.  This time, Carl Fredrickson's ties to the Union would be needed to help keep the peace between "allies", since some high ranking Union officers came with the train.

Willa Shaw, Lucinda Loveless and even General Grant are also on hand to make sure nothing happens to this train.  Will they be successful?

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ninja Archer #8

Here's another of the Red Box Games archers!

These are all part of the massive project that combines figures from several different manufacturers.

I did a step by step of painting these guys, with the first episode here:

Getting into the Action!

I have recently hinted that Bolt Action is something that you will be seeing more of as the rest of the year progresses. For a variety of reasons, my Bolt Action army will also be French!

The beginning is relatively simple, a few units of standard infantry, an artillery piece, and a Souma 35.  It will certainly be interesting to paint that after working on three 15mm Soumas!  Just assembling this bigger version was so strange...

I have a few units of ten regular infantry, along with ten Senegalese troops.  There are a few special weapon teams along with some HQ to lead them.  I went with a very simple basing scheme with these figures.
How much actual use they will see is unknown at this stage.  I'm still getting over how huge they seem!

Painting this Souma is what I look forward to the most.  I hope that I can secure a few of the other vehicles along the way, since I have already painted 15mm versions of all of them.
The 28mm Souma truly brought home to me how tiny and awkward these turrets were.  I had to use the crazy tank commander figure to illustrate this point.

I thought it might be fun to make some comparison images between what I have already been working on in the tiny 15mm scale.  Shocking to see how big the 75mm artillery piece is when directly compared to one half its size!

This was fun as well... comparing a Flames of War infantry stand to the exact same poses in 28mm.  These will make very fun side by side shots!!

I leave you with this view for now.  Stay tuned for much more... WIP articles on painting the infantry and tanks, plus terrain!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Creepy Crawlies

I just realized that I never got a chance to take some pictures of the second unit of swarms which I did for that tournament last month.  I desperately wanted something that could vanguard! 

The Husk and these Swarms were the only things which could do that, so I tried to squeeze in as many as I could.  I thought that if I had these three, I could get a little help in two of the normal scenarios.

While the swarms were very squishy, they were also height zero, which could also make them much easier to hide!

The husk was a converted figure, made from Scorpion bits and even skeletal horses!  I modified the legs of the horses to become the smaller legs of the Husk.

The swarms were Reaper BONES minis.  They were absolutely perfect.

This post shows what they looked like before I got the chance for a few hours of painting:

One final note:  For those going to Adepticon, I will have a number of the new Mantic figures in the Hobby Lounge with me, and I hope to paint some of them while I'm there!!  Come and join us...

Men and Women of MYSTERY: Adepticon 2016

Here are a few miniatures that you will be seeing at Adepticon this year, in a variety of functions.

The first figure is representing a character played by Michael Caine in a movie that I have never heard of.  I think we will have to try and track this down...

It was described as "A Bridge too far" for the Germans.

The figures are sculpted by a familiar name in the industry.  Anyone who has gotten some Copplestone Casting figs will recognize the style!

I was not familiar with Vikings either, but this next figure is Erik from the first season.

His shield his being cast right now, so that's why it's not in this picture taken last week.

Finally, the Governor's Daughter, who will appear in the 2016 version of the massive Pirate game which will likely be taking place in the open gaming section like last year.  That was an AMAZING event.

All three together.  Be sure to look for all three of these if you will be attending!!