Saturday, June 8, 2019

Swamp Things

The Creature Cast//Slow Fuse gaming paints yield some very interesting results, like this river troll from Games Workshop!  Here's a video that I did a while back when I first got the paints to see what they could do:

I had a lot of fun with the scales and skin, which felt like they should be fish like, but also of a higher saturation.  The Purple and Jade from the range are favorites, and they have a natural synergy together.

As an intermediary, we have some of the Sky Blue in places.  This helps the Jade to translate into purple instead of becoming more of a gray.  Purple and Green mixes are one of my favorite ways to create Green, so adding the blueish tone first cuts down on that "graying" of the color.

I used the Reaper Liner paints to make them even darker, such as the Green and Blue Liner paints.  I was also using them much like a glaze, and those Liner paints are fantastic for glazing, as many of you have seen in my videos!

I did much of the water with the Green Stuff World clear UV resin.  This can be very handy, as the water effects can take a LONG time to cure on their own.  I will be doing more experiments with this to see how it can be built up to create waves and so on...

I was tempted to add some mushrooms to the base... but perhaps on the next one!  If I do, they will be sculpted in a very similar manner to this tutorial: