Friday, November 1, 2013

Why not more options...

OK, here are some more options on the RAV 6 x 6.  I suppose this could be a Griffon in a pinch.

Also, if I did the extra sponsons to give this even more of a Leman Russ feel, this option would definitely work.

It's been very cool to see this vehicle with the newer options that I painted up.  While the Battle Cannon and Heavy Flamer were very neat, these other weapons make it look so different!

I see that I forgot to change out the hull mounted weapon for these shots... trust me, you get a heavy flamer and heavy bolter :-)

I saw this option as more of a Hydra style anti-flyer.  Personally, I would just like a can of Raid to spray in the air each time I see a triple flyer list...

I have at least 2 Hydras planned for the Adepticon army, so this option will definitely do the trick!!!