Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Taking the dogs for a walk

Here we go!  Time to take the dogs for a walk in the park!

Before I started painting this set, I thought it would be very fun, and I was right.  This is also a very deadly combination of shooting and sic 'em!

Speaking of fun things to paint, this guy... YES!  I definitely want to paint this Golden Army character.

Back to the sisters and their little dogs...

The ladies can blast you from a distance, but they can also send their pets after you.  We have seen first hand how badly that can end for those on the business end of a cc-K9.

Woof woof!

Some fun stretch goals have been reached in the kickstarter thus far.  We have been furiously creating scenarios for future games, especially with the Golden Army vs Watchers.

I think more dogs will have to join these when I get to Adepticon. :-)

A family portrait!

Flying the colors

Another banner for you!

The same technique was used on this banner as the first.

Painting and covering any exposed paper surface along the edge of this banner was trickier than the previous version, since there was no gold fringe on this guy. :-)