Thursday, April 2, 2015

The trophy wife

The trophy collection grows, one severed head at a time!

This is another Blood Vestal from my Dark Eldar army.  Obviously, they make some very fun Wyches!

You can see even from these images that the scale fits in very well with any existing figures from the other line.

And she looks great next to the other characters!  Also, she is part of the resin sets which come in a box of five miniatures.

Floating on the wind

No self respecting 30k hero can do without an altar, particularly one that floats!

This is the altar for Archmagos Draykavac.

Yes, it was a very complicated piece to get through, especially with the floating skull things.  It required some particularly close work with the heat gun!

You can also see that multiple weapon options were magnetized.  Shots of everything together tomorrow!