Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to the future

Sometimes interesting things happen when you have painted miniatures for this long.  They say that if you walk around long enough, you eventually meet yourself.  In some ways, I have managed that :-)

In this case, I am matching the color/style of another painter who had previously been matching figures that I had painted about 8 years ago.  So, it's been interesting to think about how I approached figures 'back in the day'.

Obviously, so many things have changed since then.  In fact, the way I paint now barely resembles the approach I used in those days.

This is definitely something different.  You hear me talking about this all the time... that is, using Secret Weapon washes and mixing them with regular paint.  In this image, I mixed an off white with Baby Poop.

By doing this, I get a very nice shade of tan that is semi-opaque.  It is fantastic for tinting flesh tones, golds, etc.  I do this with all kinds of washes and paint combos.  As I said, flesh tones and metals benefit greatly from this approach.

Repair and restore.

This is one of my old, original terradons.  One of the wings had broken off, and the base was never actually finished.

As I was working on a bunch of other things, I dusted off the figure, and improved the base.

I added the plastic foliage, and painted it as I had with the other experimental bases.

The foliage had to be painted in a more subtle green than those I used on the Terradon.  As you can see, the colors on the leaves are more grayed down and cooler than those on the wings.

These views will give you a better view of the design on the base.