Friday, December 4, 2015

Seeing Red

Something fun for you today... an Urban Mammoth Junker.  As soon as I saw these, I knew that they would be perfect for the Raging Reds painting pyramid video.

As you can see in this link, the figure here is the very same one that was painted in the video:

The idea behind the video was to illustrate how you can get a huge variety in your reds.  Warmer reds, cooler reds, and also grayed down vs. highly saturated colors.  A way to get more contrasts even in a limited palette.

He's also here:

Variety Pack

Tonight we have a basing variety pack for you.  The one thing they all have in common, of course, is that they were all made from Sculpey.

A few of these were created by carving texture in the baked clay, while the rocky base was done by pressing actual rocks into the unbaked clay.

I am still finding so many ways to work with sculpey on the bases.  Sometimes I am using press moulds like those from Happy Seppuku, or I am making my own textures.

Making the bases is very fun, but so is painting them!

My love of basing is the reason why there are a dozen basing videos in the Painting Pyramid series.