Friday, December 4, 2015

Variety Pack

Tonight we have a basing variety pack for you.  The one thing they all have in common, of course, is that they were all made from Sculpey.

A few of these were created by carving texture in the baked clay, while the rocky base was done by pressing actual rocks into the unbaked clay.

I am still finding so many ways to work with sculpey on the bases.  Sometimes I am using press moulds like those from Happy Seppuku, or I am making my own textures.

Making the bases is very fun, but so is painting them!

My love of basing is the reason why there are a dozen basing videos in the Painting Pyramid series.


  1. Lovely. Did you sculpt the face yourself or did you press-mould it from another source?

    1. Addendum: I made a somewhat similar piece once by sawing the head off a Star Wars Pez dispenser. It didn't come out looking as good as yours, but surprisingly to me, it didn't suck either :)

    2. Thanks! I believe that piece was a press mould of a small bit of terrain...

  2. I Love Your base. Beautiful works with the mood and atmosphere. Very important (and at some artists and modelers marginalized occasionally) part of the work. Great Job!