Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bark and BONES

This BONES Dryad figure was a good opportunity to test out a few different things.  Primarily, I wanted to see what would happen if I did some glazes over the leaf foliage.  There were a few situations recently where I did so on plastic foliage, and I really liked the results.

While there are a number of different foliage colors available, I've noticed that they tend to be very monochromatic within that 'spring', 'summer' or 'fall' designation.  In this experiment, I worked with the spring version.

Those trend towards very bright greens, which I would attempt to tone down with some darker glazes of greenish browns and warm greens.

I had to be cautious as I applied these glazes, because getting the leaves too wet might cause them to curl or be too dark... or even clump together!

To add to the experiment, I had glued some individual leaves in the hair, which mimicked what was sculpted into the hair.

That aspect of the experiment was particularly successful, which made me happy!  I think that it also worked the way I wanted on the ground foliage as well.  Next time I will see what happens if I use the AMMO filters and glazes.

The oil paint might not soak into the leaves quite as much, and might reduce the risk of clumping and curling due to the lack of water.  The oil washes might also sink even deeper than the thicker water based washes could reach.

Stay tuned!!