Saturday, June 14, 2014

More planes!

Here's one more piece to the collection... the ME 109.

Just as before, getting ready for some desert action!

You have to be very judicious with your use of planes in Memoir.  They are not all powerful, but when used correctly can create nightmares.

We each have different 'favorite' uses for them.  Rich leans towards pinning units in place, and I tend to use them to remove the effects of cover, so that it is easier to chase infantry units out of towns...

Desert campaigns are going to be interesting, since the Western Front battlefields tend to have a lot of terrain on them.  I am guessing that the North Africa settings have much less!

Happy to see them done!

After working in a few more details, I took some shots of the finished bases.

There are so many more moulds to try out!  Each one is going to lead to many new designs.

I may try this one again with thinner sheets, but I have to say I liked the look and strength of this thickness.

The entire batch!!